The Story of the Bible in 100 Words

How would you summarise the storyline of the Bible in 100 words or fewer?

I’m currently reading G.K. Beale’s enormous tome, A New Testament Biblical Theology, which (as one might expect) is brilliant and illuminating thus far. Early on he summarises his understanding of the story of Scripture, before then going on to unpack it in some depth. I was impressed by the concision and nuance he achieved in so few words.

Here it is, in 100 words. (Well… 107, plus some word-count-reducing-hyphenations…)

The OT storyline that I posit for the basis of the NT storyline is this:

The Old Testament is the story of God, who progressively reestablishes his new-creational kingdom out of chaos over a sinful people by his word and Spirit, through promise, covenant and redemption, resulting in a worldwide commission to the faithful to advance this kingdom and judgment (defeat or exile) for the unfaithful, unto his glory.


The NT transformation of the storyline of the OT that I propose is this:

Jesus’s life, trials, death for sinners, and especially resurrection by the Spirit have launched the fulfilment of the eschatological already-not yet new-creational reign, bestowed by grace through faith and resulting in worldwide commission to the faithful to advance this new-creational reign and resulting in judgment for the unbelieving, unto the triune God’s glory. (p16)

What do you make of that? Any substantial aspects you think are missing? How would you do it in 100 words or fewer?

KJV Bible by David Campbell

KJV Bible by David Campbell