Apologetics Boggle

Boggle by Andrew Malone

Boggle by Andrew Malone

I enjoyed reading Andrew Wilson’s ‘Three Oddities of the New Atheism’, although I was a little disappointed, since the title had led me to imagine that in Hitchens’ absence ‘The Four Horsemen’ had rebranded themselves ‘The Three Oddities.’ Sadly not.

In particular, I was amused by the idea of debating the New Atheists by way of anagrams. I can imagine it now – the cut and thrust of improvised wordplay. Crowds heckling, jeering, placing bets on who would be the last man standing. A quintessentially English cocktail: two parts Countdown to one part 8 Mile.

But before engaging in ‘apologetics Boggle’ I would suggest Andrew does his homework and perhaps considers duelling under a pseudonym, because it wouldn’t take long for a great mind like that of “Rancid Dark Wish” to realise that Andrew Wilson is an anagram of:

LADEN WINS ROW (which makes him sound somewhat like an apologist for Al Qaeda)


RENAL WINDOWS (which I just thought sounded funny at first, but as it turns out is actually a thing)

Or my personal favourite…


I fear the debate may be over rather sharply, with a clear victory to the godless wordsmiths.

(Not that I fair much better: A THERMAL ITCH)