Jesus, Gun Control and “Homeric” Wisdom

The other day, I spotted this little snippet from The Simpsons on someone’s Facebook wall:

Marge: How can you call yourself a Christian?
Homer: If Jesus had a gun he’d be alive today.

That really is a spectacular quote, which highlights some of the idiocy of Christians being pro-gun ownership. We laugh at the dumbness of Homer, whose statement suggests the following assumptions…

  • Jesus would own a gun.
  • Jesus would happily use a gun in self-defence.
  • Jesus would rather have killed others than give up his own life in sacrifice.
  • Jesus is not actually alive today.
  • Jesus would have achieved eternal life without undergoing a death and resurrection.
  • Christians should not follow the pattern of their Saviour, but should instead be ‘wiser’ than he by carrying a firearm.

…not one of which is Biblically defensible, or compatible with Christian belief (in my humble opinion.)

So tell me Christian, why do you want to own a gun?