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Quest for the perfect hot cross bun…

My quest for the perfect hot cross bun culminates with this recipe.


Sausage and cauliflower bread pudding

I dislike wasting food. I’ve blogged before on the enormous amount of bread that gets binned in the UK – 24 million slices a day. And I’ve also offered a few suggestions for how… Continue reading

Technology and Multisite Preaching. Or ‘Did Jesus eat chia seeeds?’

So with my tongue lodged somewhere in the vicinity of my cheek, here are four vaguely interconnected observations from my first stab at live multisite preaching.

2015, in sounds, sights, words, tastes and experiences

A review of the best things I’ve listened to, watched, read, eaten or experienced in 2015.

Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Sourdough

If you fancy baking something a little different for Sourdough September, why not try my chocolate, cherry and almond sourdough!

‘Chinese’ Cinnamon Buns

Chinese cinnamon buns… a recipe for revenge!

Something Understood: Bread of Life

Another post on the intersection of bread and spirituality… This week Radio 4’s Something Understood programme looked at the importance of bread in our physical and spiritual lives.

Yeast of Eden

Is there any clearer ‘Echo of Eden’ than the Artisan Food Movement?
A few thoughts on a theology of food.

Spiced Sticky Toffee Apple Buns

Dan Lepard’s brilliant recipe for sticky toffee apple buns with pecans and a rum glaze

Bread Bins and Bread Binned

In the UK, 24 million slices of bread are binned each day; £90m worth wasted every year. Here are 5 tips for how to avoid waste and make your loaves go further.

Gregg’s Bakery

As this is Real Bread Week, here are a few reflections on Gregg Wallace’s documentary about mass-produced bread, and why big ain’t necessarily beautiful!

When is a sourdough starter ready?

Originally posted on doughies:
The readiness of a sourdough starter, for baking or otherwise, depends greatly on the age (hours since refreshment) of the starter in it’s perpetual cycle of refreshment. Here’s a…

Burnt aubergine, roasted pepper and goats’ cheese stack

A simple recipe: a stack with a base of burnt aubergines, roasted peppers, caramelised onions, and grilled goats cheese.

Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain

A review of Anthony Bourdain’s memoir and insight into the world of the professional kitchen

Two Sourdough Recipes: A Mill Loaf and a Rolled Oat Boule

Two sourdough recipes I’ve particularly enjoyed making recently: a mill loaf and a rolled oat boule.

The Perfect Tarka Dal

A recipe for the perfect spicy comfort food: tarka dal

2014: The Sights, Sounds, Tastes and Hs

A selection of things I enjoyed and am grateful for from 2014.

Christmas Recipe Roundup

A selection of recipes we cooked over the Christmas period.

Cinnamon and Mincemeat Tear-and-Share Snowflake

A festive recipe, combining the best of mince pies and cinnamon rolls, with an interesting pattern.

Jay Rayner on ‘Third Wave’ artisanal coffee

Jay Rayner gives the ‘Third Wave’ artisanal coffee-mongers a proper roasting (forgive the pun!)

Orange Cassata Cake

The Sophia Loren of cakes: a recipe for Dan Lepard’s cassata cake.

The Pedant in the Kitchen, by Julian Barnes

A collection of essays from Julian Barnes on the intersection of pedantry and cookery.

Red Onion Focaccia

A recipe for roasted red onion focaccia

Cinnamon and Blackberry Cake

A recipe from Dan Lepard for a wholemeal cinnamon and blackberry cake.

Pain Rustique

A great recipe for a white sourdough hybrid loaf