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Thy Kingdom Come (Matthew 11:1-6)

What would it look like for God to answer the prayer ‘Thy Kingdom Come’? A talk on signs of the Kingdom from Matthew 11. (mp3)

Peter (John 13:1-17)

Why did Jesus wash the feet of his disciples? And why do many Christians continue this practice to this day? (mp3)

The Day God Became an Atheist

A Good Friday quote from G.K. Chesterton.

The Woman Caught in Adultery (John 8:1-11)

A talk on John 8, shame, bad religion and the power of encountering Jesus (mp3).

Seven Words from the Cross

An introduction to our Holy Week series: seven words from the cross.

Theology Matters: The Trinity

A selection of recommended resources on the Trinity.

Babies and Bubble Wrap

If you’ve never sung Christmas carols whilst holding a baby, I highly recommend the experience. Beg, borrow or steal one. (Please don’t steal one!)

On Enjoying Difficult Sermons

Five good reasons, and one bad reason, for why I enjoy preaching sermons on difficult passages.

Theology Matters: An Introduction to Hebrews

Four seminars to help you get to grips with the book of Hebrews (mp3)

Everybody Needs a Deity for a Pillow

Reflections on 1 John 1 and ‘touching the face of God.’

The Waiting Wall

A preaching illustration about sin and the stuff we keep hidden inside.

To err is human?

An excerpt from The Pursuing God, which looks at the question of whether Jesus could have sinned.

Pascal on Instagram

A 17th century French Philosopher offers some challenging words for those of us who document our every lunch, landscape or latte-art on social media.

Carmel and Calvary

A short extract from Peter Leithart’s commentary on Elijah at Mount Carmel.

The Substitute Son

A Good Friday reflection on Barabbas and the substitute son.

Who Killed Jesus?

Who killed Jesus? A short reflection on the Roman and Jewish charges, and Jesus’ own intentions.

Holy Week Reflections

I haven’t been entirely idle… here’s some info about a few bits I’ve been writing, including a series of reflections for Holy Week.

Church Without Make Up

A short reflection on church, beauty and Ephesians 5

Walker With Dinosaurs: On Creation and the BBC

Can the public trust a reporter who believes in a Creator? Some thoughts on Dan Walker, Rupert Myers, Creation and the BBC

Technology and Multisite Preaching. Or ‘Did Jesus eat chia seeeds?’

So with my tongue lodged somewhere in the vicinity of my cheek, here are four vaguely interconnected observations from my first stab at live multisite preaching.

Jesus, Gun Control and “Homeric” Wisdom

Some thoughts from Homer Simpson on Jesus and gun control.

C.S. Lewis – The Nativity

A festive reflection from C.S. Lewis.

Hamlet, two ways

Comparing two approaches to Hamlet. Which is more truthful? And which is more beautiful? And what does that have to do with preaching?

Jesus: The Terrorist Sympathiser?

I don’t envy those who are debating and making difficult decisions right now. I don’t suppose for one moment that there are any easy answers.

But as a Christian I have to ask: how would Jesus treat a murderous terrorist in Syria?

And thankfully we don’t have to look far for an answer…

When God Came to the Wrong Place

A short Christmas reflection to kick start Advent.