Jesus, Gun Control and “Homeric” Wisdom

Some thoughts from Homer Simpson on Jesus and gun control.


2015, in 21 Book Reviews

2015 in 21 short book reviews

C.S. Lewis – The Nativity

A festive reflection from C.S. Lewis.

2015, in sounds, sights, words, tastes and experiences

A review of the best things I’ve listened to, watched, read, eaten or experienced in 2015.

Hamlet, two ways

Comparing two approaches to Hamlet. Which is more truthful? And which is more beautiful? And what does that have to do with preaching?

Jesus: The Terrorist Sympathiser?

I don’t envy those who are debating and making difficult decisions right now. I don’t suppose for one moment that there are any easy answers.

But as a Christian I have to ask: how would Jesus treat a murderous terrorist in Syria?

And thankfully we don’t have to look far for an answer…

When God Came to the Wrong Place

A short Christmas reflection to kick start Advent.

Athens: Recommended Reading

Some recommended reading on Greek Philosophy and engaging with culture.

MultipliCity: Athens (Acts 17:16-31)

What does Paul’s preaching in Athens teach us about communicating effectively in a way that connects with our culture and context? (mp3)

“It is finished…”

Over the course of this year I have taught a series of seminars on the gospels. And here they all are, in case you fancy wading through 15+ hours worth of mp3s!

Theology Matters: 12 – Why Did Jesus Rise?

In the final session of Theology Matters: The Gospels, Andy Tuck considers what the gospel-writers made of the events of Easter Sunday (mp3)

Theology Matters: 11 – Why Did Jesus Die?

Why did Jesus die? What were the Roman and Jewish charges against him? And what was his own intention? (mp3)

On Poppies and Pacifism

Should someone committed to non-violence commemorate Remembrance Day? And if so how?

Theology Matters: 10 – The Coming of the Son of Man

What is the ‘coming of the Son of Man’? When and how will it happen? And what should we make of Jesus’ end-of-the-world language in Mark 13? (mp3)

The Dilemma of Labelling Non-Violence

Two quotes that explore the dilemma of labelling non-violence

Theology Matters: 9 – Signs

Why did Jesus do so many miracles, and what can they teach us about his self-understanding and his ministry? (mp3)


“Every day, we change the world, but to change the world in a way that means anything, that takes more time than most people have…”

MultipliCity: Antioch (Acts 11:19-30)

How can we build churches that effectively serve our city? And what lessons can we learn from the church at Antioch? (mp3)

Death by a Thousand Photos

Some reflections on photography, technology and the morbid irony in our craving to make things ‘unmissable.’

The Winery Dogs – Hot Streak

Hot Streak is an apt title for The Winery Dogs’ second album. They are on a roll!

The Fox and the Fleas

How does a fox rid itself of fleas? An illustration of the cross.

Nigel Allcoat: The Divine Substitute?

A judge pronounces a sentence and then steps down from the bench and pays the very fine he has just handed out. A common metaphor for the gospel, brought to life this week in the story of Magistrate Nigel Allcoat. But before you rush to squeeze it into your Sunday sermon, here are two thoughts…

Who’s Afraid of Judging Books by Their Covers?

I did something stupid. And on the off chance it may make you feel better about yourself, I thought I would share it. So apropos of nothing… here goes:

Chocolate, Cherry and Almond Sourdough

If you fancy baking something a little different for Sourdough September, why not try my chocolate, cherry and almond sourdough!

The Book of Strange New Things, by Michel Faber

A review of Michel Faber’s latest novel, about an English Pastor sent to a distant planet to teach the inhabitants about Christianity.