Moses: Spies in Canaan (Numbers 13-14)

What is faith? And how can it help us overcome fear? This talk looks at the story of the spies in Canaan in Numbers 13-14. (mp3)


‘Chinese’ Cinnamon Buns

Chinese cinnamon buns… a recipe for revenge!

On Translation and Trojan Horses

Previously I argued that jargon words operate like suitcases. But the nature of a carrying device is that it can be used for transporting bad things as well as good (hence regular looking suitcases get destroyed in train stations all the time, for fear that they may contain bombs!)

Something Understood: Bread of Life

Another post on the intersection of bread and spirituality… This week Radio 4’s Something Understood programme looked at the importance of bread in our physical and spiritual lives.

In favour of jargon (sort of!)

Should we entirely eradicate jargon from our preaching? I say no…

Ashley Madison and the art of Darkness Management

Three responses to the Ashley Madison hack, and why news articles are answering the wrong question…

Brian Houston’s 30 Rules For Preaching

30 challenging and insightful rules for preaching from Hillsong’s Brian Houston

Prayer for Calais

A short reflection and prayer about the situation in Calais.

Yeast of Eden

Is there any clearer ‘Echo of Eden’ than the Artisan Food Movement?
A few thoughts on a theology of food.

Nehemiah, the Beatles and a Frivolous Venn Diagram

Just in case you’ve ever wanted a way to sum up John Lennon’s love life and Nehemiah 6:2-3 in three words…

Moses: Lifting Hands in Prayer (Exodus 17:8-16)

In this talk, Liam looks at how Moses overcame the Amalekites through prayer and action, and considers how we should respond to the battles that come our way (mp3)

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt5)

In this final post I briefly consider Augustine and Barth and offer a few conclusions.

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt4)

If subordination is eternal and functional, must it by definition also be ontological? (4/5)

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt3)

Some (very) brief exegetical considerations on the question of the Son’s eternal subordination to the Father (3/5)

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt2)

What is the difference between the Immanent and Economic Trinities? And how does that affect our answer to the question of whether the Son is eternally subordinate to the Father? (2/5)

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt1)

An introductory post on the question of subordination within the immanent trinity (part 1/5)

404: The releasing power of non-existence

This week I opened my Twitter app and was greeted by the following message:

“@liamthatcher does not exist”

Nunc Dimittis

A beautiful, short poem by Denise Levertov

Moses: The Passover (Exodus 11-12)

After a series of gruelling plagues, God tells His people to get ready to leave Egypt for good. In this talk, Liam looks at the symbolism of Passover, the Firstborn Son and the Sacrificial Lamb. (mp3)

Every Hot and Humid Gift: On Kierkegaard, James and Gratitude

A few reflections on Kierkegaard, James, gratitude and the weather!

Thinking Further about Temple and Torah

Some recommended reading on Temple and Torah.

Theology Matters: 8 – Symbols: Temple and Torah

Liam Thatcher and Chris Oldfield look at what Jesus had to say about the Temple and the Law. (mp3)

A Cancelled Wedding Where All Are Welcome

Atlanta, August 2013. Tamara Fowler’s wedding day was fast approaching. The venue was booked, the catering arranged, the guests invited. Her parents were putting the final touches to this lavish event. Then 40 days before the wedding, Tamara called the whole thing off…

Theology Matters: 7 – Symbols: Monotheism and Election

How did Jesus treat the central symbols of Judaism? What did he have to say about monotheism and election? (mp3)

Do the Parables Reveal or Conceal?

Did Jesus tell parables in order to help people clearly understand his message, or in order to keep it hidden from them?