Theology Matters: 6 – The Little Stories

Why did Jesus speak in confusing little stories? And how can we interpret and apply the parables today? (mp3)


Theology Matters: 5 – The Big Story

How do the gospels fit in the grand story of Scripture? And what would Jesus’ hearers have made of his Kingdom message? (mp3)

Stephen on the words of Moses: A Matter of Life and Death

Thoughts from Stephen on the lasting, life-giving legacy of the words of Moses.

True Freedom (1 Peter 2:13-17)

What is true freedom and how should we use it? This talk on 1 Peter 2 looks at the nature of freedom and how we can use our freedom to serve our world. (mp3)

Preach the Word

Some recommended resources on the art of preaching.

Spiced Sticky Toffee Apple Buns

Dan Lepard’s brilliant recipe for sticky toffee apple buns with pecans and a rum glaze

The Secret History, by Donna Tartt

A remarkable, complex novel; not so much a who-dunnit but a why-dunnit.

Bread Bins and Bread Binned

In the UK, 24 million slices of bread are binned each day; £90m worth wasted every year. Here are 5 tips for how to avoid waste and make your loaves go further.

Gregg’s Bakery

As this is Real Bread Week, here are a few reflections on Gregg Wallace’s documentary about mass-produced bread, and why big ain’t necessarily beautiful!

When is a sourdough starter ready?

Originally posted on doughies:
The readiness of a sourdough starter, for baking or otherwise, depends greatly on the age (hours since refreshment) of the starter in it’s perpetual cycle of refreshment. Here’s a…

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler

A light, easy, if somewhat-two-dimensional read, with a great twist…

Feuerbach, Ferry and Wilson on Christianity and Physicality

A tantalising juxtaposition of three quotes on Christianity and ‘the physical.’

Learning to Live / A Brief History of Thought, by Luc Ferry

A review of Luc Ferry’s engaging history of philosophy.

Two Tips for Preaching from Derek Rishmawy

Derek Rishmawy offers two great tips on sermon preparation: manuscripting and practising out loud.

Simplify Your Diary

Why do we get so busy? And what can we do about it? A talk on Jesus\ example in Mark 1. (mp3)

Three Books on Busyness

Three books I would recommend on the subject of busyness.

Burnt aubergine, roasted pepper and goats’ cheese stack

A simple recipe: a stack with a base of burnt aubergines, roasted peppers, caramelised onions, and grilled goats cheese.

Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain

A review of Anthony Bourdain’s memoir and insight into the world of the professional kitchen

Easter Saturday: Crying Out For Rescue

An Easter Saturday reflection on the despair, irony and hope in Psalm 88

Gethsemane and the Half-Blood Prince

On Sunday I preached on the Garden of Gethsemane, one of the darkest and most psychologically intense passages of Scripture, as Jesus looks into the face of death, pleads with the Father to… Continue reading

Holy Week: Gethsemane (Matthew 26)

In the final hours before his arrest, trial and execution, Jesus found himself alone in a garden, wrestling in anguished prayer. This talk looks at the events in Gethsemane and considers what it was that made Jesus’ experience so unique (mp3)

Easter Reflections

Next week I will be blogging a series of reflections on the story of Easter. Find out more about what to expect.

God and Guinness

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with this short film about the legacy of the Guinness Family.

Two Sourdough Recipes: A Mill Loaf and a Rolled Oat Boule

Two sourdough recipes I’ve particularly enjoyed making recently: a mill loaf and a rolled oat boule.

Charis, by Preston Sprinkle

The Old Testament is a kaleidoscope of grace and Charis by Preston Sprinkle beautifully depicts grace-story after grace-story after grace-story…