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God’s Tattoo (Isaiah 49)

If God had a tattoo, what would it be? This talk, from our Baby Dedication Service, reflects on Isaiah 49 (mp3)


Theology Matters: The Trinity

Four seminars looking at the doctrine of the Trinity (mp3)

Theology Matters: The Trinity

A selection of recommended resources on the Trinity.

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt5)

In this final post I briefly consider Augustine and Barth and offer a few conclusions.

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt4)

If subordination is eternal and functional, must it by definition also be ontological? (4/5)

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt3)

Some (very) brief exegetical considerations on the question of the Son’s eternal subordination to the Father (3/5)

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt2)

What is the difference between the Immanent and Economic Trinities? And how does that affect our answer to the question of whether the Son is eternally subordinate to the Father? (2/5)

Subordination and the Immanent Trinity (pt1)

An introductory post on the question of subordination within the immanent trinity (part 1/5)

The Way (John 14)

The first talk in a series on Christian spirituality, based on Jesus’ claim to be the way, the truth and the life. (mp3)

Knowing and Seeing God (John 17)

What is eternal life? And how can we experienced the inner life of the Trinity? (mp3)

Our Father: Intimacy and Awe

When we think about God as Father, we need to hold together both intimacy and awe.

God is Father (Romans 8:14-17)

What does it mean for us to relate to God as Father? (mp3)