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God’s Tattoo (Isaiah 49)

If God had a tattoo, what would it be? This talk, from our Baby Dedication Service, reflects on Isaiah 49 (mp3)


Seven Words from the Cross

An introduction to our Holy Week series: seven words from the cross.

Taking the Plunge (Romans 6)

What does getting wet have to do with following Jesus? This talk looks at the importance of baptism. (mp3)

Life, Light and Love (1 John 1:1-2:2)

This talk looks at the offer of life, the problem of light and the solution of love in 1 John 1-2 (mp3)

Theology Matters: 12 – Why Did Jesus Rise?

In the final session of Theology Matters: The Gospels, Andy Tuck considers what the gospel-writers made of the events of Easter Sunday (mp3)

Feuerbach, Ferry and Wilson on Christianity and Physicality

A tantalising juxtaposition of three quotes on Christianity and ‘the physical.’

Easter Saturday: Crying Out For Rescue

An Easter Saturday reflection on the despair, irony and hope in Psalm 88

The Cross of Christ: Easter Sunday

What is the relationship between faith and doubt, and how do they come together on the Emmaus road? (mp3)

The Resurrection: Four Voices, One Story

An objection that is regularly raised regarding the resurrection of Jesus, is that the four gospel accounts simply don’t match up…

Why not Four?

Why did Jesus rise on the third day? Why not the fourth?

What is the Gospel?

Why is the death of one man 2,000 years ago good news for anyone? (mp3)

Who Died and Made you King of the Zombies?

What should we make of the resurrected corpses in Matthew 27?

Immortality Reconsidered (pt VI): Concluding Thoughts

So, was man created immortal?

Immortality Reconsidered (pt IV): The Immortality of the Soul?

If man is composed of body and soul, and death is the process whereby those elements are torn apart, the soul continuing to exist whilst the body decomposes, does it follow that the soul possesses immortality?

Theology Matters: Resurrection in the Epistles

This third and final talk looks at resurrection in the Epistles and tries to plot out what the Bible says about life after death (mp3)

Theology Matters: Resurrection in the Gospels and Acts

In the second of three talks, we look at the theme of the resurrection in the Gospels and Acts (mp3)

Revelation (pt II): The Lamb and the Throne (Rev 4-5)

John’s first glimpse into heaven is a dazzling picture: strange creatures, precious jewels, and a dramatic scene with thousands of worshippers (mp3)

Butterflies and the Afterlife

Tom Wright, Time Magazine and the language of Heaven

The Living One (John 19:41-20:18)

What is the significance of the resurrection in the gospel of John? (mp3)

The Eucatastrophe of Easter

Eucatastrophe vs Deus ex Machina

Dead Men Walking (Eph 2:1-10)

What are our greatest needs, and how does God fulfil them? (mp3)